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Quick question


Why are some people hating on Jund when the matter itself involves me and I’m not even hating on him?

Chill out you silly white knights. It’s all good!

My infinite youth is fueled by the angst of teenage girls. Don’t stop them. I must stay forever young.

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That sounds about right. 

holy balls thats old

Posted 4 days ago
How do I stop YouTubers from liking me? I had a horrible experience with one I dated and I don't want to go through that again. I can't help that I'm so charming apparently.
Anonymous asked

I don’t know, you sure seem like an egotistical asshole to me. You’re on the right track.

Posted 3 weeks ago

So I had this dream.


I was playing a game—as in, a live-action physical game—that was essentially a boss rush. Multiple bosses ‘spawned’ at once, and they all had health bars with names. Among them?

Angry Bee. Angry Bee was, well, a bee, and it was the size of a Japanese hornet. If that wasn’t bad enough, Angry Bee…

Just parry the fucking Dragon Wing you pussy.

Posted 3 weeks ago
"You don't have the voice for it" You sound like a 10-12 year old. Good decision.
Anonymous asked

I’d argue with you, anonymous cockbag, but you are correct :D

Posted 3 weeks ago
You prolly answered this question before, so forgive me I'm too lazy to search through your archive.. Have you thought of making any more Let's Plays? That'd be cool. You certainly have the platform for it.
cooked-onion asked

Nope. Not my thing. Don’t have the voice for it.

Posted 3 weeks ago
what's the worst video game you ever played ?
nadyamonroevanity asked

Superman 64 or Paranormal.

Posted 1 month ago
Will you stream dark souls 2 for us. When you get the pc version. on YOUR channel.
Anonymous asked

of course

Posted 1 month ago
Liking Dark Souls 2 so far ? What's your impressions ? I want your opinion but I don't wanna spoil the game watching your videos (no offense)
feynlong asked

I like it better than Dark Souls 1, and I loved Dark Souls 1.

Posted 1 month ago
What's your MMR? (Dota 2)
Anonymous asked

Started at 4.9k and then lost pretty much every game I’ve ever played so I’m at 4.6 now.